Opportunities on all sides

Sahel Academy offers a wide range of opportunities. Students at Sahel are from diverse range of countries, creating a truly unique environment, which allow students to learn more about different cultures and become more globally acquainted. Sahel is a truly multicultural community and experiencing it is not only a rare opportunity itself, but opens the door for a wide range of other postsecondary education Friends from around the worldopportunities that would not otherwise be available. Activities like the music team, who lead worship every Friday, the school play, the various sports teams and challenging courses provide students with the opportunity to develop their natural talents and prepares them for life, all while having fun.


To encourage and strengthen the diverse and multicultural climate of the school, Sahel has a day each week called Buddy Day, where a high school student and an IMG_9509elementary student are paired together and spend time bonding with each other. This allows them to learn about different cultures and allows the older students to teach valuable life lessons to the younger students. Students not only receive the opportunity to learn about other cultures, they also have the opportunity to learn more about their Christian faith. The ability to speak freely about their faith and be encouraged for doing so provides students with the opportunity to grow and develop their faith, which is the most important opportunity of them all.

Serving those in Need

community service page At Sahel there are a lot of fun community service and outreach options.  Theseopportunities fit all talents and abilities that a student might have, and a multitude of serving options, ranging from the orphanage team to the A/V crew. There are chances to serve in all areas of the community, whether directly in Nigerien outreach, such as Sports-Friends or Alambare trips, or specifically aiding Sahel in afterschool clubs or campus maintenance.  Sahel recognizes many methods of benefiting students and staff through various skill sets like one on one tutoring, library duty, or teacher’s aide.

Home when you’re away from Home

Written by a dorm student about her experience in the Eagle’s Nest, Sahel Academy’s dorm

We come together from Nigeria, Benin, Burkina, Ghana, Niger, and our passports reads United States, New Zealand, South Korea, England, and Canada. Being welcomed by your loving dorm parents Uncle Tim, Aunt Janice, and Aunt Susan we were only 13 students this year. We soon became a family that played, ate, fought, sang, prayed together, and shared our hearts. This year we grew closer to each for dorm paragraphother helping each other with homework and working together in chores, and passing room-checks. Along the year countless inside jokes were made and we even started talking like each other, keeping smiles and laughter on everyone’s faces. Having a house full of teens can be challenging, but as a family we started to love on another, all through the year.

Amazing students

Although we love our environment and our opportunities and our community service experiences, the real reason that the Sahel staff come to work through the year is because of our students. From Kindergarten through Grade 12, Sahel students never Whole Schoolcease to amaze. They are intelligent and caring. They are resilient and flexible, willing to creatively problem solve in order to truly do their best. They encourage each other and their teachers. Sahel students choose to continuously build and rebuild friendships in this unique, transient school. Our students remind us to both give and receive grace. They also get us excited about the future, both ours and theirs.


About the teachers…..

Written by a Sahel student– his thoughts on the teachers of Sahel

A reason why I love Sahel would be the teachers. At Sahel, teachers are more involved and present than I have seen in any other school. They are always there for their students, no matter if it’s school-related, or personal. They are well-educated, and they provide an amazing education. They actually care about us, and they want to relate with you, more than I have seen in previous schools. They teach out of the goodness of their heart, not because they’re being paid. That’s one of the things I findms miller amazing; they don’t get anything out of it. They come for religious reasons and love us in the process. If it wasn’t for them, the Sahel environment wouldn’t be the same. They always encourage us to try our best at what we do, and help us achieve the best that we can. I love my teachers.


Countdown to summer: What we love about Sahel

As we approach the end of the school year, we’ve started to reflect back on the great year we’ve had here at Sahel Academy. As the yearbook staff, we’ve had some time to write down our thoughts and feelings about what makes Sahel great. Over the next 2 weeks leading up to graduation, we’ll be posting a series of mini-articles detailing some of our favorite parts about our unique school.


So stay tuned for the next 10 school days as we countdown to summer break!