Friends around the world

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friends around world

Sahel Academy is a great place to meet new people. You’re given the opportunity to meet people from many different countries, from places all around the world. We have students that come from the United States, Canada, France, England, New Zealand, Nigeria, Niger, Benin, South Korea and many other places. The great thing about this environment is being able to learn more about all the different cultures and countries and being able to interact with all these different nationalities. The hard thing is when people leave for the summer, for a home assignment, or even for good. While we’re constantly saying hello and goodbye, we’re also learning to cherish the time that we have together with the friends we love so much


International Atmosphere: Culture you can feel

Imagine a class discussion where about 12 high school students from about 5 different nations exchange thoughts and opinions about literature and culture and truth. Meanwhile, upstairs in middle school another group of students might be learning community service pic 2about American, Canadian, or African history from an Australian instructor.  In elementary, students from Togo, America, Canada, Niger, England, and Nigeria can sit on the mat on the floor to listen to a story by Allen Say about Japanese culture. As the teacher’s lounge door opens and closes, sound bits of Korean, Hausa, French, and English might leak into the non-conditioned air. If you can imagine these experiences, these insights into “all tribes, tongues, and nations,” then you can begin to imagine Sahel Academy.

With diversity comes complexity and with complexity can come challenges, miscommunications, and frustrations. We have not arrived at perfection, by any means. However, through both the highs and lows, God reminds us that His body isSmaller playground beautiful, diverse, and intricate. At Sahel, teachers, students, and families from a plethora of cultures and backgrounds partner together to educate, encourage, and prepare future leaders. Any success that we have is truly a gift from God, and we constantly seek Him through prayer. By God’s grace and through His power we’re reminded of the truth of our 2014-2015 theme: kneeling, we shine.