Home when you’re away from Home

Written by a dorm student about her experience in the Eagle’s Nest, Sahel Academy’s dorm

We come together from Nigeria, Benin, Burkina, Ghana, Niger, and our passports reads United States, New Zealand, South Korea, England, and Canada. Being welcomed by your loving dorm parents Uncle Tim, Aunt Janice, and Aunt Susan we were only 13 students this year. We soon became a family that played, ate, fought, sang, prayed together, and shared our hearts. This year we grew closer to each for dorm paragraphother helping each other with homework and working together in chores, and passing room-checks. Along the year countless inside jokes were made and we even started talking like each other, keeping smiles and laughter on everyone’s faces. Having a house full of teens can be challenging, but as a family we started to love on another, all through the year.