Dorm Life

2015 Dorm

The Dorm has been a vital part of Sahel Academy since it began in 1986.  Responding to the need of missionaries serving outside of Niamey who desire a quality education for their children, the boarding program exists to provide a home-away-from-home for up to 17 students whose families live in Niger and surrounding countries.  This small boarding program exclusively provides for the children of missionaries in grades seven to twelve.

Staffed by a married set of Dorm Parents and an Assistant Dorm Parent and supported by two National workers, the dorm seeks to provide a family atmosphere in which students are cared for and given responsibilities similar to what they would receive in their own homes.  It is our desire to see these boarding students grow and mature physically, emotionally and spiritually, developing a Christ-like character and a heart of service that positively contributes to the life of Sahel Academy.