The majority of our teachers at Sahel Academy are volunteers. They raise support from church groups and individuals in their home countries to serve in Niger. This keeps our cost much lower than most other international schools.

Families serving in International Missions qualify for subsidized rates. (subject to review)

2020-2021 Fees          Euros                    CFA

Kindergarten                           €3,160                          2,073,000 cfa

Grades 1-5                              €5,240                          3,437,000 cfa

Grades 6-12                            €6,940                          4,552,000 cfa



2021-2022 Fees

Kindergarten                           €                         cfa

Grades 1-5                              €                         cfa

Grades 6-12                            €                         cfa

Rates are set in Euros and set by the School Board – Policy 2.4.9.