Is Sahel Academy an 'MK' school?

Sahel Academy opened in 1986 to meet the educational need of SIM missionary families. Since then, its scope has broadened to serve many other families in the community.

What nationalities are represented among the teaching staff?

Our staff come from several different countries including Australia, Canada, Niger, Nigeria, and the United States.

What would a typical school year look like?

School typically starts in mid-August and ends in early June.  Teacher work days are planned both before the school year commences and after the school year ends. Teachers are expected to be present for these days as they are vital days of preparation and closure. We have 2 mid-semester breaks, one in October and one in March/April, as well as 2-3 weeks off around Christmas.

What are the certification and experience requirements for teachers at Sahel Academy?

We are actively seeking qualified and experienced candidates who hold teaching certificates.  Recent graduates are also encouraged to apply.  All teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum.

Would I have to go through a sending mission or church to come teach at Sahel Academy?

Yes, all staff at Sahel Academy are connected with a sending mission or church.

How do I find a mission organization?

We partner with the following organizations to provide staff for the school each year :
Faith Baptist Mission

Is there a minimum term of service for staff?

Length of service requirements vary depending on the needs of the school and your position. To help provide continuity, we ask that staff members commit to a minimum of one academic year but we would love to have you stay longer.

Do Sahel Academy staff receive a salary?

No. All Sahel Academy staff come as missionaries through various organizations. Each staff member must raise finances through supporting churches, friends and family. Your mission agency will set the amount needed to be raised.

How will I find a place to live?

SIM will provide housing for staff members who come under SIM and Teach Beyond.  Staff members who choose to come under other missions will need to look to their individual organization for help in locating appropriate housing in Niamey.

What is like to like in Niger?

Niger offers a unique cultural experience you will never forget. There are many great opportunities you can take advantage of, from camel riding to shopping in the colorful markets. Niamey is an international and growing city with opportunities to develop friendships with people from Niger and around the world. The weather is generally very hot and humid, although there is a cool season for 3 months of the year, and a rainy season for another 3 months. While working at Sahel, you can take advantage of opportunities to get involved in local ministries as well, such as orphanage visits, teaching English classes to eager students at the University Outreach Center, and getting involved in a local church.

What is the process a person goes through to get to Sahel Academy?

We can work together to determine a mission organization with which you would like to work and complete their application and training process. You will then work through your mission organization to raise all your needed funds and coordinate with Sahel Academy regarding your placement here.

How long does it usually take to complete this process?

The time needed to complete this process can vary widely, depending on how quickly you are able to complete your mission’s application and training process and how quickly your funds are raised. In general however, the process can take anywhere from 3 months to about a year.

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